Featured Project

Current and Future Green Roofs

In cities around the world, green roofs are providing nature-based solutions for reducing heat, managing stormwater, providing recreational space, supporting local agriculture, increasing energy efficiency, and more. USL has an expanding research project on the current state and future potential of green roofs in New York City, which includes a focus on their relationships with socio-environmental equity.

We are collaborating with The Nature Conservancy and Columbia University to produce the most comprehensive assessment of New York City’s green roofs to date. Projects like Aucher Serr’s Envisioning a New Urban Jungle explore the future of New York’s green roofs through data analysis and visualization.

Our research on green roofs is closely linked with teaching and outreach. The New School’s Green Roof Ecology course — a collaboration with local partners at Brooklyn Grange — gives students a chance to study actual sites and develop related design projects. As part of the Green Roof Researchers Alliance since its inception, USL cosponsored the organization’s State of Green Roofs in NYC Conference with the Audubon Society.