New Lab Members

The Urban Ecology Lab welcomes three new members!

Katinka Wijsman is a PhD student at the New School for Social Research, where she studies global environmental politics, environmental justice and political ecology. Her dissertation research focuses on the politics of measurement as related to tools for resilience and sustainability planning. 

Bart Orr is a PhD student in Public and Urban Policy at the New School. He is interested in the relationship between climate change adaptation and resilience policies and socioeconomic inequality.  He is also a member of the Global Urban Futures project at the New School.  

Khila Dahal, a postdoc, is a GIS scientist by educational training and background. He earned his PhD in Geography from Texas State University in 2014. His research interests include geospatial modeling, urban growth simulation, urban sustainability, scenario modeling, risks and hazards, GIS, Cellular Automata, and agent-based modeling.  

Bart Orr