Timon McPhearson to Give Keynote Address at URBIO 2018 in Cape Town


Timon McPhearson, professor of Urban Ecology in the Schools of Public Engagement and Director of the Urban Systems Lab, will deliver the keynote address at the URBIO 2018 Conference in Cape Town on Thursday, September 13.

In the context of changing climate, rapidly expanding urbanization, and intersecting global drivers of social, ecological, and technological change, urban nature is being called on to deliver a vast array of “solutions” (like never before). It is simultaneously under immense pressure from the negative impacts of human-induced change. Timon’s presentation, titled "Mainstreaming Urban Nature-Based Solutions for Resilience in the Anthropocene," will:

  1. review global policy discussions relevant to mainstreaming urban Nature-Based Solutions (NBS);

  2. highlight key advances in understanding the complexity of social, ecological, and technological drivers that impact urban ecosystems and their functioning;

  3. offer a conceptual framework for considering how to further mainstream implementation of NBS; and

  4. examine the links between resilient ecosystems and resilient human communities considered fundamental to addressing both the health of urban nature and critical issues of social inequality in access to the benefits of urban biodiversity for improving urban livability, resilience, and sustainability.

For more information on the conference, see the URBIO 2018 website. Timon’s abstract is available online in the URBIO 2018 Abstract Booklet (PDF).